For Kiran and Anmol, they have waited for more than six years to have this wedding. However, according to Anmol, he knew in six months to a year that Kiran was the one for him. He says these years have been “a very fun ride,” and he would not change a thing because it has all been so perfect.

Leading Up to the Wedding

This is the type of couple that we love to partner with here at ColorBlast Weddings. When a family trip turned into a proposal, we were so excited that Kiran and Anmol chose us to capture this joyous and memorable occasion for them.

At the Maiya cleansing ceremony, the bride and groom sat down on stools as the turmeric paste was applied on their body. The female relatives held the red cloth over their heads. Other female guests sang traditional wedding songs. The ceremony was definitely one of the most fun occasions leading up to the wedding. It suffices to say that fun was had by all.

The Traditionally Beautiful Ceremony

For the baraat, Anmol arrived to the ceremony on a beautifully decorated white horse. The guests danced around him to the beat of an Indian drum. Once Kiran and her family greeted the Anmol, the couple exchanged floral garlands that they wore around their necks as a symbol of their acceptance of each other.

As the ceremony began beneath the mandap, we were there to capture it all, just as we had been the entire time. From the shots of Kiran having her makeup and hair done to the vibrant celebration at the reception, we were able to keep pace with everything as it happened. A tremendous amount of memories were made, and ColorBlast Weddings captured them all, so Kiran and Anmol can relive this glorious day year after year.


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