When the time comes to let the world know about your special relationship, you just want to tell the world just how much your life has changed. There are many ways to do that. You can share messages or make a simple announcement. Yet, to bring it to life, you really do need to consider the importance of photos. Choosing custom photos that tell the story of your relationship and allow people to see you in a variety of ways can be eye-opening. This is the time to make your relationships very special.

Meet a Special Couple

One of the best experiences we have had was sharing in the announcement of the Mahima and Shishir engagement. They worked with us to create a stunning experience in the heart of Los Angeles. It was shot at Rancho Palos Verdes, a beautiful place that offered an incredible backdrop. Each shot was mesmerizing. They took place around Terranea Resort, a stunning location in itself.

When you see the photos, you can tell these two have a magical connection. They have been childhood friends, fostering their love and their passion for excitement for many years. These photos allow you to see those feelings while getting to know the couple in a very beautiful setting. Take a closer look at the variety of ways these photos captured their thoughts and feelings for each other. Each is very different and yet very special.

When the time comes to marry the love of your life, there is nothing more important than having a professional there to shoot it for you. At ColorBlast Weddings, we make it our goal to create impressive results no matter where you hold your wedding or what special meanings you want to explore. Contact us today to learn more about the wide range of options we can help you with.

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