We’re visual storytellers who aim to tell the unique story of your wedding day through our lens.  Our style is a blend of photojournalism, where we take a modest, behind the scenes approach while documenting all of these joyous, candid moments that are happening throughout your wedding day, and fine art portraiture, where we guide you into most flattering light and poses, while retaining a natural and candid feel.

We have the ability to create stunning, well-composed images in the midst of the fast-paced nature of weddings. We are team players, and can quickly adapt to any situations, while always keeping focus on the bride and grooms own experience of the day.

Our clients often rave about how comfortable and relaxed we help them feel while shooting, and how seamlessly we blend into their wedding day. You might not even notice that we’re there, yet we’ll always be right there when you need us.


Kanchan and Amit met while studying Animation in Filmmaking together in 2002. Both coming from very strong visual backgrounds, they immediately bonded over their shared love of capturing the world around them.  Photography and Cinematography is what brought them together and what eventually led them into Wedding industry, where they’ve made a name for themselves documenting Weddings together for over 10 years.  ColorBlast now has a team of very talented, dedicated and passionate set of visual artists from all over the World. We have been very lucky to find great artists and bring them together under one roof and have covered over 220 Destination Weddings all around the World.



Aditi & Shrey:

There are two things that stay with you forever after your wedding – your spouse and your wedding photos/ videos. By that logic, choice of the photographer is as important as choice of partner!

I am so happy we chose Amit and Kanchan to cover our wedding.
Their level of involvement is unprecedented. They’ve captured moments that we wanted to immortalize, and caught instances that we would’ve missed, had it not been for their attention to detail.

They are both so affable and unassuming, they made it very easy for a camera shy person like me to be comfortable.

When Shrey and I were watching the videos, I felt Kanchan is definitely a mind reader, because she highlighted the very things I wished would be covered!

A big thanks again to both of you.. you can count on us anytime you need a testimonial!









Ritika & Vivek:

ColorBlast you guys are absolutely amazing. The photography done by you guys has made us relive all the fun times we had in a much more colourful way. Couldn’t have thanked enough Amit and his team for being such a dedicated bunch when it came to making sure every moment of everyday was captured so beautifully. An absolutely talented and energetic team that needs to be applauded for the crazy blabbering that I used to put them through but must say that the pictures have out beyond superb, the wisest decision we made was to not even look anywhere else but to blindly go with ColorBlast and these guys have proved our choice to be super. You guys deserve a round of crazy applause for this work. It’s not even super its brilliance at another level. Tons of love!








Sahil & Neha

I thank you from bottom of my heart for making our special event even more special by capturing our emotions so perfectly and making it memorable for life time.

For all those who do not know Amit Gaur, I would like to share my story, As Amit is an old friend and I had seen his work before and always appreciated what he did. But never worked with him before or experienced behind the scenes. So I was bit skeptical that things might not be as professional as it would be as with his other clients. But honestly I was more than overwhelmed to look at his dedication and enthusiasm for photography. He had something in his mind to capture and he explained me so I was very excited to imagine the outcome. So we went to a highest point in that region around 1am and started setting the equipments. Then he tried to click some test shots and until 3am and we were still not getting the shot he wanted so I lost all my energy and gave up. So we wanted to leave from there but I was surprised to see Amit was more excited and enthusiastic than us. He must have done so many photoshoots but it was the first time for us but his enthusiasm was way more than us. And that really impressed me.

So I will recommend Amit Gaur to all the people who are looking for a photographer who will justify his work in every aspect.



Upasana & Saurabh:

Thank you so much Amit Gaur and Kanchan Kavathe for the amazing Pre Wedding Shoot…. Will see you guys soon for the Big day… Keep Rocking…

— at Della Adventure.


Chetna & Gaurav:

Thank you Amit Gaur & Kanchan Kavathe for this lovely video! i had tears in my eyes while watching this! So beautiful n touching!


Meghana & Ashwin:

What is the most important day in one’s life? It could be a wedding or probably the birth of a child..something you want to capture forever.

My wedding was this occasion for me and our friends at Colorblast, Kanchan and Amit made sure this day was timeless! The husband-wife duo is a great team, complementing each other and doling out masterpieces.

They suggested a Pre-wedding Shoot for Ashwin and me, which turned out to be the most beautiful capture of our relationship.

Kanchan and Amit got to know about us first, our story and then only began visualising the shoot. The pictures and highlight tell a story…OUR story!

Colorblast’s unique style is that they do not have a fixed formula across all weddings. Look at their work and you realise every wedding is distinct and exclusive to the couple. They never pushed us for specific poses, and did their magic themselves.

The angles and images captured are really innovative. Every image is unique, every frame tells a beautiful story.

Kanchan..Amit..can’t thank you enough for making our special day even more so!!








Ayush & Treta:

Amit, Kanchan and Team Colorblast- We probably spent the most time to find our photographers and I think it was one of the best decisions we made. Treta and I can’t thank you guys enough for capturing such great memories. Being a guy I hope it carries more weight when I say this, that I will keep going back and looking at these beautiful memories well into my 70s. You guys are the best!


Where are you located?

We have our offices in Los Angeles, Mumbai, Delhi and Toronto. And we travel all around the world. We have done weddings in India, South East Asia, Middle East, USA and Europe.

Do you travel outside for Weddings?

Yes of course we will travel to any part of the Planet. You will arrange for travel and accommodation for shoots outside Mumbai/LA.

What do your Services include?

Our services include complete coverage of the event by ColorBlast team. All high-res, retouched images and final videos are provided on a USB drive. Other services like a pre-wedding engagement session, Wedding Photobooks, Online Photo gallery.

How much you charge?

Every wedding is different so is the cost. Please write to us and we will find out the best deal for you.

Whats your team size?

Depends on the wedding, we can have a team of 2 people to 12 people.

What are your Payment terms?

50 % advance and 50% before at least 15 days before wedding date.

What are your deliverables?

Candid photography, Short Wedding film (5-7 mins), Coverage wedding film (25-30 mins), Coffee table book.

How much time will you take in delivering Photos/Film?

We generally take 6-8 weeks in delivering Photos and 10-12 weeks in delivering Film.

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